Sunday, July 18, 2010

Change in Future Plans

Hello everyone!

No new blog post this week. Just too much going on. But! There is a personal update:

We no longer plan on moving to Rome this Fall. Instead, we plan on moving up to the St Paul/Minneapolis area. I've been accepted to the MAT (Masters of Arts of Theology) program at the St Paul Seminary School of Divinity (part of the University of St Thomas). It's a two year program. We chose that area because my wife's mother lives up there.

We made this change for many reasons, ranging from unexpected medical costs related to the blood clot that was discovered in my wife's leg after giving birth, to just really feeling the benefits to being closer to family now that we have a child.

So now, Lord willing (James 4.13-16), we're looking forward to moving up to the Twin Cities!

Thank you all for any prayers!

P.S. In addition to studying, I'll also need a job - maybe part-time, maybe full-time, we're not sure right now. But if anyone out there has any connections or anything in the Twin Cities area, I'm interested!


  1. I miss you guys! I'm glad you'll be closer although it's a bummer that you won't be in Rome! How is Krista doing?


  2. krista's doing great. She can walk fine now. She'll just be on blood thinners probably for a few more months. Congrats on being received this upcoming weekend. It's about time. We'll pray for you!

  3. My eldest son's family lives about 2 miles from me. To have near-daily access to the grandkids (and them to us) is a tremendous blessing.

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