Monday, September 20, 2010

New Job


Just an update in the life-happenings of the Millegans: I was recently hired as the new Director of Faith Formation for youth at St Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Buffalo, MN. Very exciting for us! We are in the process of finding a house in Buffalo so we can live closer to the church. Say a pray for us and the church. I will continue working on an MA in Theology at the St Paul Seminary School of Divinity in St Paul, MN, but will take fewer classes at a time.

Krista's health is going great. Except for the blood thinner she takes every evening, I forget that she even had a problem. Praise the Lord! Elijah is doing great, too. He's getting closer to rolling over every day! And he can stand pretty well too if you help him with balance.

Also, several people have asked what the purpose of the blog is. That is a great question! I'll be working on something that tries to explain that, and hopefully I can have it up as a page with a link at the top sometime in the next few weeks.

- Brantly


  1. I am so happy for You, Krista, and Elijah. And have fond memories of meeting all three of you when you presented at S. Michael. Please keep up the Blog, it really helps to follow your life pattern, thank you for sharing.
    Love and prayers follow you always. Elizabeth

    I choose anonymous because I do not how to enter the URL.

  2. My brother used to live in Buffalo, before he got married. He's still up there in the southern ring suburbs.

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