Thursday, June 21, 2012

We Will Not Comply: Fortnight For Freedom Begins Today

And so begins, on the eve of the feast day of St Thomas More, the USCCB's Fortnight For Freedom campaign.

Make your voice heard: contact the White House, contact your Senators, contact your representative in the House, share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Catholic University of American President John Garvey gives six examples of how religious freedom is threatened.


  1. Wow, you're buying this? What a shame. Did you stand behind the bishops when they closed down hundreds of churches, paid for by the people of God (like my own) in order to pay for their pedophiles' messes, not to mention their own? What about when my bishop closed my church around the same time as he purchased a million dollar horse farm home? This whole thing is a distraction from all the messes they've created. Hold onto your FAITH, paid for by Jesus Christ, forged in the blood of the martyrs, for "the road to hell is paved with the skulls of bishops." Wake up! This crop of bishops is not orthodox and largely corrupt.

  2. Appreciate reading your story! Recently left Southern Baptist seminary to become Catholic. Sounds like we have similar paths.

    1. Hey! Yes, I've seen your tumblr. Always great to see another evangelical coming into the Church. Feel free to shoot me an email at

  3. Election year shenanigans. Also not that big a deal. You know what would be w big deal? An investiture controversy. Imagine if the President of the United States possessed and exercised the ability to appoint and depose Catholic bishops in America. And in November, the American people choose whether to give that power to Obama or Romney. That would be a really big deal.

    As is, someone somewhere might use some of your tax dollars for something that only the most conservative Americans object to for religious reasons. Guess what- all kinds of people object to where some of their tax dollars go.

    And what is the solution? How do you not comply? Will Catholics accomplish this by shutting down every Catholic school, hospital, and charity? I have no problem with that, but it seems counter-productive from your end.

    This is how it's going to be. Obama will get re-elected and the Catholic vote will help him. There's going to be more Catholic votes for Obama out of appreciation for his support of gay marriage than there will be Catholic votes for Romney due to the HHS ruling and whatnot. Then when the dust settles, Catholic schools, hospitals, and chrities will comply while making some effort to gain exemption. If any of them finally do, it will remind America of a story that had been non-existent for months or years.

    1. Hey Anon,

      You're right that an investiture controversy would also be very bad.
      The use of contraception is immoral not simply for religious reasons but based on the natural law. This isn't a question of using tax dollars to fund it but whether or not the government can force people to privately pay for something that is intrinsically evil. Such a law, because it is contrary to the natural law, is by definition an unjust law. To comply with it would be to sin. Thus, we cannot comply.

    2. It wouldn't be "also very bad." One of these things is very bad, and the other is not nearly as bad by any stretch of the imagination. It'd be a stretch to say this is 10% as bad as an investiture controversy.
      The use of contraception is actually moral based on natural law- and as you probably know, this is not based on the beliefs of early Reformers. It's based on what really does (and doesn't) violate natural law. The question of "what saith natural law" is one that has been resoundingly answered as "birth control and contraception is moral." It's an argument that the conservative side of the Catholic Church has lost, and not just in America.
      The mandate was more like a tax than anything else even before the Supreme Court decision, and it basically passed it as an actual tax rather than a tax-ish thing with non-tax rhetoric attached by Pres. Obama. That's my understanding of the highlights from the past week, but you may have acquired more in-depth familiarity with it than I have. Does it really make a difference to you if it's a tax or not? If not, we probably don't need to dwell on it.
      And once again, contraception in some form or fashion is a basic part of preventative health care for women at this time and going forward indefinitely, and regardless of what people have said in the past, what we're dealing with here is not and has never been contrary to natural law. The Catholic Church in America (and anywhere else in the world) has already lost this argument and has no hope of taking it back. And while you're wishing that could happen, Melinda Gates (a practicing Catholic) continues to book interviews in which she talks about the importance of making this sort of preventative health care available to 120 million women in the developing world over the next for years along with her husband Bill (a more nominal Catholic). Their foundation is putting $560 million into it. Melinda alternates between softer "let's work together despite our differences" and "it was a hard decision, to defy the Catholic Church, but I felt it was the moral thing" depending on the day and the audience. It's very public and everyone knows about it.
      Last I heard, though, Bill and Melinda continue to be members in good standing who can participate in any Catholic sacrament they want at any time they like. This is something I like to call "Looking the other way while Catholics spend $560 million on providing 120 million women with access to all forms of family planning- much of it in traditionally Catholic countries." But mostly, I call it "looking the other way." I also call it harsh evidence of the fact that the Catholic Church has completely lost certain elements of its clout both here in America and around the world. It hasn't lost all of its mojo, but the CC no longer has any meaningful say on matters pertaining to birth control and contraception.

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